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Put a ♠ in my ask box , and I’ll rate your blog : background / theme / posts / icon / url .
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When anti-Finchel shippers post rude Finchel posts


You’re next on my list, dwarf.

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#finn is so cute and adorable. and i don’t care how many people hate him. i will always love him. and i think the fact that he messes up a lot and is hypocritical and insecure and doesn’t know what he wants makes him the most realistic character on the show. he’s a teenager. he’s not supposed to have everything figured out. but he’s got a good heart. the best heart, even. he could have said no to listening to rachel’s songs. but he’s not a spiteful person. he’s never hurt anyone intentionally and there are very few characters you can say that about. no matter what you ship, in this moment finn is happy. he likes being with rachel. because even without romance, they’re still best friends. and he knows that and loves that. he forgave her a long time ago, tbh. but he still hadn’t forgiven himself. and it wouldn’t surprise me if even now, after the finale, he still hadn’t fully forgiven himself for his role in their breakup. because if you hate finn and you’re determined to hate him, you’re blinded. because even though he was obviously upset and heartbroken about what rachel did to him, he directs blame inward at himself. he just doesn’t talk about it or deal with it because he doesn’t know how to. and that only fuels his insecurities and his thought process that he’s not good enough to get out of lima, and thus not good enough for her. but you see him this moment, and it’s the happiest he’s looked since they broke up. because whatever your feelings on finchel’s romantic relationship, you can’t deny their friendship. and finn isn’t denying their friendship. and he wants to help her and he wants to help everyone when he can. but sometimes, maybe most of the time, he doesn’t exactly know how to. but most of his actions show that he does want to help people. it’s just that sometimes it backfires on him. and after a while, it builds up and all he remembers is how everything doesn’t work the way he wanted it to, so he doesn’t know how to help anymore. that’s not a reason to hate him. it’s a reason to relate to him because we’ve all been there; we’ve all been teenagers. he’s just trying to figure himself out. why wouldn’t you want him to? #finn hudson #gleeTHIS TAG THO

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Being in New York is like falling in love over and over again every minute.

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